Sérgio and Filipa, Radiographers , 03-11-2019

"My name is Sergio, I am Portuguese and 26 years old. My girlfriend Filipa and I worked as radiographers in England for 5 years. After that experience we decided to move to Switzerland. We started to learn the German language last spring, which we ended successfully at the level B1 in September.

In the mean time I looked for a good agency that could help us with the job searching in Switzerland.  I found Mr. Dames of IRIS medical employment.

During the first conversations we explained what we wanted, the kind of job we were looking for, the time plan and the area we preferred to work in. We agreed to begin with the Swiss interviews from the 1st of October. We were looking to work close to Zurich. 

Mr. Dames was very efficient and found us both two interviews in central Zurich, being the first one on the 1st of October as planned. After the first two interviews my girlfriend decided she wanted another interview in a different environment. Mr. Dames immediately arranged for another interview in the next day in a hospital close by. There were also more alternatives in case we didn't like the first places or if they decided not to employ us.

In the end we both got employed just one week after beginning the search, in jobs we liked and in the desired area. 

Mr. Dames was always very proactive, professional and helpful. He gave us a lot of support and tips during the process.

If I decide to look for a different workplace or I if I need to recommend a recruitment agency to a friend I will definitely recommend Mr. Dames and IRIS medical employment."




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