IRIS Medical

IRIS medical is specialized in permanent jobs for technicians in radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine in Switzerland

We offer permanent jobs, very good introduction, high salary, we assist you in jobs interviews, finding housing, a Swiss quality life with other young, international fellow workers. 

Please notice you need to speak the German language in advance before you apply for most jobs. or +31 6 50 244 740

Work in Switzerland?

Why not get a job there? Spectacular scenery. Crystal clean, fresh air. A good standard of living in a country that runs as smoothly as its famous clocks and watches. Many jobs are available and IRIS medical has the best selection on offer. IRIS medical works directly with the employers, without any intermediaries, so we can provide a fast and efficient service. We keep in close contact with our placements there, getting feedback from them to fine-tune our operations. We also regularly visit our Swiss clients there to make sure we are satisfying their current and future needs.

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Testimonials of our clients

Working with mr. Frans Dames is not only professional at all levels but fun as well. Mr Dames quickly identified our standards and the necessary skills for which we are searching here at the University Hospital of Zürich.
- Mr. Winter, University Hospital of Zürich.
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