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IRIS medical jobs is an agency 

specialized for technicians in Switzerland for:

radiology, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and dosimetry.

On behalf of Swiss hospitals, private clinics and other healthcare institutes our agency recruits internationally nationwide since 1990.

Which advantage brings you our service?

Step by step you will be professionally guided during your search for a job in your profession in Switzerland.

We provide all the organisation around the job, like assisting in interviews,  your Swiss SRK-registration, organizing your work permit, high rages, insurances, a solid introduction and above all: helping you with housing before your start.

You will have a Swiss quality life with other international fellow colleagues.

Please notice you need to speak the German language for most jobs in advance.

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Working and living in Switzerland?

Why not get a job there? Spectacular scenery, crystal clean, fresh air. A great standard of living in a country that runs as smoothly as its famous clocks and watches. Many jobs are available and our agency IRIS medical jobs has the best selection on offer.

IRIS medical jobs works directly with the employers, without any intermediaries, so we can provide a fast and efficient service. We keep in close contact with your placement there, getting feedback from you to fine-tune your operations. We also regularly visit our Swiss clients to make sure we are satisfying their current and future needs.

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Testimonials of our clients

"Carlos, Portuguese radiotherapy technician, from the UK to Switzerland.

Below my story also in Portuguese (> all testimonials).


Hello, my name is Carlos, I'm 23 and originally from Portugal. I moved to the UK in 2018 to study radiotherapy and oncology and after working for the NHS for over 2 years, I felt like I needed a change. My girlfriend, who moved to Switzerland from Portugal for a few months, raved about the quality of life and the beautiful scenery there. So, even though I only spoke English and Portuguese, I started learning German to try and eventually get a job in Switzerland. After doing some research, and also on a friend's recommendation, I found out about IRIS recruitment agency and they quickly put me in touch with Frans. As soon as I showed my interest and commitment, Frans went above and beyond to help me out! We had a phone call to get to know each other and set some goals, and he provided all the resources and support I needed to achieve them, from learning the language to getting the job. From the moment we first talked, he has always motivated and helped me to achieve what I wanted ! And I couldn't be more grateful. For a few months I put in my effort in getting documents in order and learning the language as much as I could, and Frans was always available and in contact with any opportunities or news! After just 6 months of first meeting with Frans, I was offered an interview with a great hospital in a beautiful city near Zurich. This was very unexpected as I was still in a very basic level of German, and the interview had to be in English. The team was very welcoming and instantly gave me great feedback for the interview and invited me to come and see the department in the hospital. I discussed this with Frans who again, incredibly, was always available 24/7, and he gave me some great advice and things to remember. I arranged a few days to visit the hospital and meet the team and was positively surprised by an employment offer which I immediately accepted. Even after having a guaranteed job, Frans was eager to answer any questions regarding anything and everything such as residence permit, housing, and even helping my girlfriend with resources for her new job search. I am more than excited to be starting this new chapter in my life, and am very grateful to Frans for all the help ! And very much recommend his services for anyone in a similar situation!

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